Poor Jon Snow. He's constantly told he knows nothing, and even though he was just elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch in "Game of Thrones" Season 5, he literally won by one vote and was immediately defied in his first executive order. Yeah, Melisandre seems into him (he does know how to attract aggressive gingers), but it's lonely at the top. Jon Snow's dream was to be Jon Stark, then maybe First Ranger like his uncle Benjen, not Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, separating him from his friends even as more enemies approach.

Kit Harington discussed Jon's journey in a new interview with The Daily Beast, and shared a sad and rather frightening tease about Jon's Season 5 future:

Where he is this season is he's acutely aware of imminent danger - which is all around him. He's not wrapped up too much in trying to get over Ygritte, but at the same time he's in a place of severe loneliness. As he climbs the rungs of becoming a commander and leading other men, he starts to realize how isolated it makes him, and there's a point at the end of the season where we see that very clearly. It's the lowest place he's ever been, and that's going to push him to do quite extreme things in the future."

All together now: "Awwww." What extreme action will he take and what will be his lowest point? Book readers may think they have an idea, but we've seen so far this season that when it comes to predicting how The Powers That Be will change the storylines, well, we know nothing.