absolutely anything, simon pegg

The late Robin Williams was a chameleonic actor who proved that there was nothing he couldn't do onscreen, and that's especially true in the new trailer for "Absolutely Anything," one of his last film roles.

Williams puts his gift for voice acting to use as supporting character Dennis -- who just so happens to be a dog, given the ability to talk by his suddenly all-powerful master, Neil (Monty Python gang) have arbitrarily decided to bestow one earthling with supernatural capabilities to see if he or she will use them for good -- and based on that choice, decide whether the human race is worth saving from obliteration.

Neil is the one selected for this cosmic experiment, and similarly to Jim Carrey in "Bruce Almighty," he initially has some self-serving fun with his new abilities: making his clothes put on themselves, buffing up his physique, spying on his hot neighbor (Kate Beckinsale). Soon, though, Neil realizes that he should probably put those powers to better use, though of course, that plan doesn't exactly pan out, either (declaring that all dead people should be brought back to life results in a bunch of gross zombies roaming the streets).

It's unclear just how far Neil needs to go to appease the aliens, though we imagine things work out for everyone in the end. Here's hoping he and Dennis can live happily ever after.

"Absolutely Anything" also stars Rob Riggle and Eddie Izzard. It opens in the U.K. on August 14; a U.S. release date is forthcoming.

Photo credit: YouTube