Ricki and the FlashMeryl Streep really can do anything.

We all knew that, of course, but sometimes, seeing her sink into a role just takes your breath away. That's how we felt watching the new trailer for "Ricki and the Flash," in which Streep plays an aging rock star.

Streep's titular character returns home after abandoning her husband and children years ago, when her daughter (played by real-life daughter Mamie Gummer) goes through a divorce. Ricki has to confront how her choice to pursue music affected her ex (Kevin Kline) and his new wife (Audra McDonald), her daughter, and her son (Sebastian Stan).

The actress has been everything from a blue-collar whistleblower to a world-famous chef to an even more famous British prime minister - and collected accolades and awards along the way - and she's just as believable as a has-been musician.

"Ricki and the Flash" opens in theaters August 7.