THE BLACKLIST -- "Karakurt" Episode 221 -- Pictured: Megan Boone as Liz Keen -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

So much is happening on "The Blacklist," and by "so much," we definitely mean that a) Raymond Reddington literally refuses to stop wearing a fedora no matter how much we complain, and b) there's a creepy political sector in the U.S. government (headed up by The Director) and they want to start another world war. The only people who can stop these well-dressed haters? Red and Elizabeth, obviously!

The Director Stages A Terrorist Attack, Remains Creepy and Evil While Doing So

Ugh, The Director. This nefarious power-player decided to start this week's episode with a casual terrorist attack, but the catch? He hires a creepy Russian assassin named Karakurt so the USofA will blame Moscow, which means war is imminent. Naturally, everyone's favorite father-daughter(ish) duo, Red and Elizabeth, join forces to find Karakurt –– with the help of their buddies at the FBI task force.

Here's the deal: Liz and Ressler (aka her FBI partner who totally wishes he was her IRL partner) head to the Russian Counter-Intelligence department to get scoop on Karakurt, and while there they find out that Liz's super-spy mom is a legend who may have never existed –– which means either Red is lying or Liz's mom is insanely cool.

Meanwhile, Red discovers that Karakurt is making a giant bomb, and it happens to explode directly outside the Russian Counter-Intelligence building as Liz and her starry-eyed FBI buddy are leaving. Whoops.

Cooper Comes Clean To Reddington, Liz Accidentally Murders Someone

Remember last week when the Attorney General was like, "BTW, I'm totally evil and working for The Director, LOL"? Yeah, well this week the AG asks Cooper to ignore Red's leads and instead send his task force on a redundant mission to Union Station. Fortunately, Cooper comes clean to Red and they hatch a plan: Cooper will continue to play ball with the AG, and report everything he says back to Red. So, basically Cooper went from being bossed around by one terrorist to being bossed around by another (former) terrorist. Poor guy needs to find himself a new line of work.

Meanwhile, Red figures out that The Director has created a horrible virus made to attack one specific mystery person. But who? Well, thanks to Aram's nerd skills, the team learns that The Director is targeting an anti-Russia senator in the hopes that his murder will lead to all-out war. Tragically, Liz doesn't save this poor guy in time, but here's the real kicker –– turns out she's the one who gives him the virus! Yep, The Director sets Liz up as a Russian spy, and plans to use her KGB lineage to support his claims. We've said it once and we'll say it again: What. Is. Happening.

Tom Keen Is The Most Tragic Character On This Show, That Is All

Wondering what's up with Liz and her estranged husband, Tom Keen? They're kind of on track to getting back together, by which we mean Tom spends a lot of time staring dreamily into Liz's eyes. The good news is that she seems to enjoy the attention. The bad news is that she's a wanted Russian terrorist. #PrayersForTom #SaddestBroOnEarth

And now, some burning questions!

1. What's the deal with Liz's mom –– was she a terrorist or just a good ol' fashioned spy? And why is it so important that Liz be shielded from her past?

2. Liz is a wanted criminal, and we assume she'll spend "The Blacklist's" finale running from her friends in the FBI. Will they have her back, or haul her off to jail?

3. Will Red finally tell Liz what happened on the night of the fire at her family home? And more importantly, will he reveal himself to be her father? Because if so, tears of joy.