When it comes to actual lip sync talent - if there is such a thing - "Lip Sync Battle." Hands down. She was, as Chrissy Teigen put it, "the most adorable gangster" in her "Talk Dirty" performance. "She looks like if American Girl dolls made a thug Samantha."

Akerman, who leads Yahoo's new "Sin City Saints" cast, was legit sexy and had some real dance moves. But Stephen Merchant, co-creator of "The Office" and star of "Hello Ladies," won the night from here just for the, um, balls to show up in those leather chaps with "Nasty" on the back and some extra business in the front.

He kind of lip synched to Xtina's "Dirry," but mostly he just awkwardly jerked his tall British body into various positions. At the end of the dance, Akerman said she loved what was happening around the chaps, asking if that was a sock down his pants. He answered by reaching down, pulling out the sock and flinging it at Chrissy Teigen. Teigen decided the thing to do was pick it up and sniff it. That was gross, and she admitted as much. But when you're doin' the "Dirty"/"Dirrty" dance off, you have to go with the flow.

Watch both rounds of battle here: