HomelandCarrie Mathison might be estranged from the CIA and mentor Saul, but at least she's got a new boyfriend!

"Homeland" is adding four major new characters to season 5, including Miranda Otto as a CIA station chief and Alexander Fehling ("Inglourious Basterds") as a love interest for Claire Danes.

Season 5 picks up two years after the Carrie's disastrous tenure in Islamabad. Disillusioned, she's quit the CIA and working for a private security firm. The new faces include Otto as Allison Carr, the Berlin station chief; Fehling as Jonas Happich, a lawyer for the Düring Foundation; Sebastian Koch ("The Lives of Others"), a German philanthropist and Carrie's boss; and Sarah Sokolovic ("Cold Comes the Night") as an American journalist who works for the Düring Foundation.

Filming for the Showtime series begins this week, and alongside the new cast members, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, and F. Murray Abraham all reprise their roles alongside Danes. "Homeland" is set to return for its fifth season this September.

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