Han Solo Star WarsThe "Star Wars" rumor mill is churning with a tantalizing new claim: that Han Solo will be a big part of the standalone anthology movie about Boba Fett.

As reported last month, the second of the upcoming "Star Wars" standalone films will focus on the origins of Boba Fett. Now comes word, courtesy of Schmoes Know, that the movie will also feature Han Solo, as well as various Han associates like Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.

And a source tells the site that Disney/Lucasfilm is eyeing Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn to take over the director's chair now that Josh Trank has left the project.

The film is set between the events of "Episode III" and "Episode IV," and if the rumor is true, would fill in the history between Boba Fett and Han Solo that was hinted at in the original trilogy.

Schmoes Know points out that the first anthology film, "Rogue One," carries out the military/war theme of "Star Wars," and that this second one would highlight the Western aspects of the franchise. The site then speculates that the third anthology movie would focus on mystical themes — possibly a Yoda origin story.

Of course, this is all rumor and hearsay so we're seasoning this with a whole lotta salt!

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