It's an ugly little mystery. "Pretty Little Liars" just launched Season 6 on Tuesday, June 2 and ... it's off to a slow start with viewers. Why, though? Not enough promotion from ABC Family? Frustration with the storylines?

According to Deadline, the premiere, "Game On, Charles," had an overall audience of 2.38 million, which was down 13 percent in total viewership from last year's debut. As they noted, while PLL was the top scripted original show on cable on Tuesday night, the Season 6 starter became the least-watched premiere in the show's history:

The previous low was the 2.47 million who tuned in for the very first show of Season 1 on March 21, 2011. The series debut did better than last night's show by a slight but noteworthy 4%. The viewership of the Season 6 opener was also down 10% from the Season 5 finale of March 24, 2015. [Tuesday's] PLL slid 15% in the 18-49 demo from the S5 ender."

Not that you really have to worry that PLL is fading into obscurity. It still had high numbers in the advertiser-loving women 18-34 and 12-34 demographics and it's still strong on Twitter (if not as strong as it has been in the past). But why didn't ratings go up for the S6 debut, from anticipation of more surprises? Commenting fans shared theories, from "No one watched because no one knew the show as back on the air" to "No one watched because the show sucks; the writers changed the original story and just tortured their fans."

Do you have a theory on why the premiere was relatively low, and do you think more fans will tune in on June 9?

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