UPDATE: Here's our Season 5 finale recap. Even more deaths than expected!

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Just a guess, but Jon Snow may find himself trending on Twitter this Sunday, June 14 after the "Game of Thrones" Season 5 finale. #GameofThrones will definitely be one of the top topics, and fans will be chatting about Cersei Lannister's atonement and ... well, a lot of stuff. Part of that certainty comes from the book, "A Dance with Dragons"; part from HBO's synopsis; part from just logical story progression; and part from finale spoilers floating around, including another alleged episode leak.

Here's HBO's synopsis for Season 5, Episode 10, "Mother's Mercy":

Stannis marches. Dany is surrounded by strangers. Cersei seeks forgiveness. Jon is challenged."

Here are new spoilers from Entertainment Weekly:

What can you tease for the Game of Thrones finale? — Britta

The high-intensity action of the last two episodes does not slow down as we head into the finale. You can expect at least one more death before season's end ('natch). Lena Headey will also have her biggest scene of the season, one that everybody will be talking about the next day, while Brienne will finally have something to do other than wait in the snow.

"At least one more death." Keep that in mind as you read our spoilers and speculation about what's coming in the finale:


"Jon is challenged"? Well, Jon's book storyline ends with him being stabbed by a couple of his fellow men of the Night's Watch for his plan to rescue his sister. He had received a scroll from Ramsay Snow Bolton, and decided to ride south against the Boltons. This was not received well, and his book storyline ends on an uncertain note. Does he die? Ghost was with him, and new photos online purporting to be from the finale show Jon with white eyes like a warg. So now there's thought that maybe Jon wargs out and goes into Ghost. Does his body die? Can he be revived by ... Bran or Melisandre or something? Lady Stoneheart, perhaps? How ironic if Jon and LS ended up on the same side, with her saving him.


If Stannis Baratheon is marching, per the synopsis, does that mean he makes it to Winterfell and manages to help Sansa Stark?


HBO's finale photo for Sansa shows her looking surprised but maybe also hopeful. Does Brienne finally find a way to help her? Does Theon jump in too and they all escape to The Wall or somewhere else, with Stannis or maybe even before he shows up?


One of the rumored finale spoiler photos shows Selyse Baratheon looking like she's dead by hanging. Does she take her own life after the burning of her daughter Shireen?


If you've read the book, you know Cersei's naked Walk of Atonement is coming, ala the High Septon earlier in the season in a nice bit of foreshadowing. Cersei is going to chop her hair, lose her clothes, and be completely humiliated in front of the people of King's Landing. Poor Cersei, in a way, and yet it's hard to argue that she doesn't deserve punishment -- and this is how The Faith punishes people. She's the one who put them in power, so this is what she gets.


Arya Stark is now on a path to kill Meryn Trant, but that's not something Lana would do, never mind No One, so if she does kill the pedophile we loathe, what will Jaqen H'ghar do? Will her punishment be blindness, as some fans have suggested, in a take on the book?


Dorne has been boring the crap out of us, but don't fall asleep just yet. Jessica Henwick, who plays Lady Nym, told Yahoo Singapore the Sand Snakes have a big part to play in the Season 5 finale: "What happens with the Sand Snakes is . . . extreme. Very extreme. So I'm really curious to see how people take it. I don't know what else I can say! Episode 10 sets the rest of the show on a very certain path. It's a big move in Game of Thrones, and the Sand Snakes are a part of it." Do they kill or seriously hurt Myrcella or Jaime Lannister? That would qualify as extreme, and it's hard to see what else would -- maybe killing Trystane, who is meant to go with them to King's Landing and take up a seat on the small council?


HBO's sad official photo shows Dany's boys at a loss for what to do without their queen. In the book, Daenerys Targaryen ends up flying with Drogon to the Dothraki sea and her story ends as she's discovered by Khal Jhaqo and his khalasar. So can she work her magic all over again and get him on her side to take her back to Meereen -- perhaps even with a new army -- or will they try to kill her or take her to Vaes Dothrak to be with the dosh khaleen? Ser Barristan is still alive and trying to cover for her in the book, so presumably Tyrion and Jorah will do their best to rule in the absence of both Dany and Hizdahr, who was killed in the fighting pit.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the finale?

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