There's a new kid in town in the new trailer for "The Peanuts Movie," and no, it's not Snoopy's alter ego Joe Cool (though the sunglasses and turtleneck-sporting beagle does make an appearance).

The kid in question is none other than the Little Red-Haired Girl, the unseen source of Charlie Brown's pining throughout Charles Schulz's long-running comic series. Here, she's just moved into Chuck's neighborhood (her face is obscured from the audience for now), and he's desperate to make a good first impression.

"This time, things will be different," he declares, before promptly knocking over a pile of moving boxes, and a fence for good measure. Good grief, indeed.

Fans of Schulz's series worried that it wouldn't translate well to the 3D, CGI format, but those fears appear to be unfounded, as the lighthearted humor and smile-inducing spirit of the original comics (and their cartoon TV movie brethren) appear to be intact. As Charlie Brown confides his insecurities to Lucy, she urges him to "Show them you're a winner." So far, it appears "The Peanuts Movie" is doing just that.

"The Peanuts Movie" is due in theaters on November 6.

Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios