The "Game of Thrones" Season 5 finale pretty much broke the Internet, and definitely broke our hearts, and it just broke a record for overall viewers. According to TV by the Numbers, the June 14 Episode 10, "Mother's Mercy" -- which killed off a ton of people and blinded one of our badass BFFs -- had 8.11 million viewers. That makes it the most-watched GOT episode to date. And that was even opposite the NBA Finals Game 5!

The Season 5 premiere held the record before this with just barely 8 million viewers. Episode 1, "The Wars to Come," also had a series high 4.2 rating, which is still slightly above "Mother's Mercy's" 4.1 rating. But who really cares about that, since that 18-49 demo is more important to shows that run ads. The bigger number is the overall audience, and with 8.11 million in the U.S., that's the most for HBO's dragon drama so far.

For comparison's sake, last year's Season 4 finale, "The Children," nabbed 7.09 million viewers and a 3.8 rating. The most-watched show that season was Episode 7, "Mockingbird," with 7.20 million. In Season 3, the most-watched episode was Episode 6, "The Climb," with 5.50 million viewers. The Season 3 finale, "Mhysa," had 5.39 million viewers and a 2.9 rating. The Season 2 finale, "Valar Morghulis" had its biggest audience to that point with 4.20 million viewers. The year before that, the Season 1 finale, "Fire and Blood," made news with 3.04 million viewers and a 1.4 rating, the best to that point. They knew nothing about how much the show would grow!

Since the numbers keep going up each year -- possibly from more people reading the books as well as just starting fresh on the TV series -- and fans have to be curious what happens next for Jon Snow and company, we can only imagine the Season 6 numbers will soar higher than Drogon out of the fighting pits. Let's guess ... 8.50 million for the premiere?

Are you surprised that GOT just set a new record for viewers, even after such a polarizing season?

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