Warning: Spoilers ahead from "The Walking Dead" Season 6 and the comic book.

This should cheer you up: Four months from now, we'll be watching (and probably loving) "The Walking Dead" Season 6 on AMC. Fans will get a preview of the new season when the first mega-trailer is released, as usual, at Comic-Con next month. That'll only be the awesomest thing to happen all summer. In the meantime, new character intel has been coming out in dribs and drabs -- not like the steady flow of intel on the companion show, "Fear the Walking Dead," which starts in August. We still have to wait for October for Rick Grimes to have a convo with Morgan Jones, but TVLine just shared some interesting new details on two arriving characters:

Question: Anything on Season 6 of The Walking Dead? —Gerry

Ausiello: Yup. I think I may already be able to reveal the first casualty of the season: new guy Kirk's innocence. Casting intel describes the mid-twentysomething married man — as yet uncast — as a Mr. Nice Guy who, over and over, gets the same message from cruel fate: Do unto others before they can do unto you. And since whoever's hired for the recurring role has to be available for future seasons — but there's no such requirement placed on the actresses vying for the part of his wife, Hilda — it seems safe to speculate that losing the missus will eventually push him over the edge. Or am I reaching here?

Interesting. Those are the same characters referenced in this full casting notice, posted a little while ago on Spoil the Dead. This was for Season 6, Episode 6, at least to start, and here are the breakdowns:

[KIRK] Male, Mid 20s to 30. Just a couple years ago, he was a young, blue collar everyman from a small town, who worked a job, was married, and followed the golden rule. He's avoided being cynical and bottom line minded -- but the world seems to keep telling him to look out for number one and eliminate anyone in his way... RECURRING GUEST STAR W/ SERIES OPTION FOR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS (MUST BE AVAILABLE 6/19-6/30 & 10/16-11/19)

[HILDA] Female, Mid 20s to 30, Attractive, Kirk's wife, she's a real partner to him. She's a strong woman, not passive or wilting.... RECURRING GUEST STAR

At the time, comic book readers thought Kirk could be a TV version of Dwight, one of The Saviors, a group of bad guys led by Negan, probably the single-most anticipated character in TWD world at the moment. (We'd still put you first, Paul "Jesus" Monroe). Dwight is a major character in the comic and his wife Sherry is more of a minor one. But reading TVLine's description, it doesn't quite fit Dwight and Sherry, and it seems early to introduce them halfway through Season 6. And if they are keeping the names Kirk and Hilda then they may just be brand new characters. But anyway, they still may be Dwight and Hilda. Whoever they are, they are coming.

Speaking of new to the show, you probably saw that Corey Hawkins will be playing Heath, a cool character from the "Walking Dead" comics. The original casting notice for that role was posted as "Delvin," to avoid spoilers. With that casting call was also this notice for another character:

[TUCKER] Male, 30s, A hardworking man with a tough fairness. He's a guy's guy who can also be articulate and feel like a leader. When push comes to shove, he's willing to take extreme measures to protect what he has, even if it gets him in over his head.... GUEST STAR

The name "Tucker" may or may not last, which is not to say this guy is based on a comic book character. As a "guest star" he may not last too long, period. This other character definitely has comic book remix potential. Here's what was posted a while back for "Allison":

[ALLISON] Female, Late 20s to early 40s. A smart, artful, and charming psychologist who quickly turns awkward and messy when it comes to her personal life. She'd much rather stay safely inside her comfort zone, but the true test of her mettle comes when the comfort's gone and the stakes are life and death. She's not cynical and really cares about people...RECURRING GUEST STAR / MULTIPLE EPISODES. WILL APPEAR IN 602 (5/15-5/27), 605 (6/9-6/18), & ADDITIONAL EPISODES TBD (OUTSIDE DATES: 6/19-11/19). ACTOR MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.

That sounds like it could be Dr. Denise Cloyd, who has a romantic relationship with Heath in the comic book. Not that they always follow that on TV. As much as it's tempting to look to the comic book for hints on every arriving character, they introduce brand new people (Daryl Dixon) just as often.

Are you excited to see these folks, and others, in action when Season 6 arrives? Whatever these people are doing, hopefully they survive The Wolves if/when they attack Alexandria.

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