Terminator Genisys Australia Screening
The Terminator is back — to scare unsuspecting fans!

Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up as his famous character — leather jacket, sunglasses, facial opening revealing metal endoskeleton — to prank people in Hollywood. He stood motionless, pretending to be his own wax figure, then came to life when fans posed for pictures next to him. "He looks real," one woman marvels. "Because I am," Schwarzenegger replies as she screams and jumps away.

The actor also walked down Hollywood Boulevard along with others in famous movie character costumes, like Jack Sparrow and Spider-man. He even confronted a fellow Terminator! It's pretty hilarious.

Schwarzenegger did the video with Omaze to promote a charity contest in which the winner attends the premiere of "Terminator Genisys." Entries in the contest benefit After-School All-Stars.

The movie, which also stars Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke, opens in theaters July 1.

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