What girl doesn't dream of being rescued from her humdrum life and taken to a castle to be a princess? "Inside Amy Schumer" skewers that dream a bit in a new sketch, starring Amy as a filthy commoner whose life changes when she gets a visit from ... "Project Runway" fans long for that day, but here he plays Willoughby, a royal attaché who informs Amy that she's really a princess. But as a real princess, Amy has to keep bloodlines pure so her prince isn't a dashing handsome guy, it's ... Amy as a dude, aka her first cousin.

Amy to Willoughby: "Turns out I'm not really comfortable sleeping with a close relative. And, also, I just turned 14."

Later, in true Henry VIII fashion, Amy is put on the chopping block for failing to produce a male heir, then the commoners stage a revolution and execute the princess Marie Antoinette style.

So maybe (gasp) Disney is not that historically accurate when it comes to royal girls marrying Prince Charmings and living happily ever after. But they're obviously right about everything else.

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