Anger. Disgust. Fear. Maybe some Joy at the irony. The "Inside Out" team would actually have a lot to work with in this true story of a movie theater accidentally playing the horror film "Insidious: Chapter 3" instead of the new Pixar title. Oops!

A woman in Middletown, Ohio, posted her story to the local news site's Facebook, saying she took five kids to the theater to see "Inside Out" and instead the theater played "Insidious." They both start with "Ins" so they're basically the same, right? Guess not. Once this lady and the other adults in the theater figured out they were watching the wrong movie, they rushed out and complained. A manager for the Danbarry Cinema confirmed to the Journal-News that an employee in the projection both accidentally played the wrong reel. The manager on duty apologized and everyone got a pass and an upgrade to watch the Disney movie in 3-D.

However, the complaining parent said, in her post, that "the damage is already done ... my children are terrified and keep asking questions." She took some heat for her complaints, once the story spread, and returned to Facebook to clarify that she wasn't suing anyone or asking for money, and defended her right to be mad about the error.

Here's part of her latest post:

All the previews were disney or kid friendly UNTIL right before the movie started which the preview for Sinister 2 (or 3) played. Which I immediately noticed was the wrong movie and as quickly as I could removed my kids and went to a Manager. ... Other parents and children were very upset and some weren't. ...Unfortunately a lot of people have made assumptions about me, my children and my parenting. Also there has been a ridiculous amount of people insulting me over this. Please stop being nasty and focus on the point.. This could have been prevented there needs to be a policy set in place or something to stop it from ever happening again anywhere. It is your opinion and your choice if you allow your children to watch horrors movie or not but I don't and guess what that's okay.. but I bought tickets and paid a good amount for popcorn and candy etc.. to see a Disney movie with my kids.. and Sinister popping up caught me and most of all my kids off guard. I am perfectly aware that horror movies are fake but the content in them are real. Murder is real. When you are a child your worst fear is something happening to your parents. That movie amplified that fear for my kids. So yes I am mad about and I have every right to be... So if it takes a bunch of people being upset with me to have a policy put in place to protect other kids too then so be it."

Yeah, from afar the whole thing is kinda funny, but it's understandable if she and her kids were upset by what happened and they don't deserve further insults from Internet trolls. But still. It is kinda funny, no?

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