_DSC7964.NEF"House of Cards" ended Season 3 on a dramatic cliffhanger when it comes to President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and First Lady to Leave a President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). What's coming in 2016's Season 4?

TVLine just shared some intriguing scoop:

Word around the White House is that House of Cards Season 4 will introduce a couple who are the mirror image of Frank and Claire, only younger and (possibly) more British."

Hmmm. Sounds like they're going for something like the Blairs, if this couple does end up British. A British prime minister (or British anyone) couldn't directly threaten Frank's presidential campaign, but it sounds like maybe these two could be Team Underwood rivals, especially if their union is stronger than Frank's and Claire's. Then again, Frank and Claire are so competitive that this might prompt them to join forces again, as a reminder of how strong they were together. But we're getting ahead of the game; for all we know, this (possibly) British couple isn't meant to rival our duo, and the last we saw, there is no duo to rival.

"House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon talked to HuffPost Live last month, refusing to share spoilers but reminding us what's likely to be covered in Season 4:

All we know is that Claire said that she's leaving and we saw her walk out of that frame. So the big question is, 'What now?' If the marriage seems to be on the rocks ... the natural questions are, 'Are Frank and Claire going to get back together, or are they not?' 'What does it look like when they are not working together and is that what we're going to see?'"

Watch him talk about it:

Season 3 heavily hinted to Claire being a good candidate for president herself, even with her lack of experience. So we have to throw that into the mix, along with questions on the marriage and this new couple. And we're always questioning what's up with Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), the most murderous Chief of Staff in history ... or so we hope.

Every season of "House of Cards" has premiered its 13 episodes in February, so we're expecting Season 4 to arrive in February 2016.

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