The petition for "Magic Conan" starts now!

If you think about it, a midnight showing of "Magic Mike XXL" might be a good place for a guy to find a date. Not that Conan O'Brien was going that route -- even though the married man did take off his shirt and gyrate repeatedly for his assistant and her friends. He said the "Conan" staff were freaking out over the release of the "Magic Mike" sequel, so he decided to investigate by crashing a "girls night" midnight showing.

You have to watch it all play out in his 9 minute video, below.

All the ladies met at his assistant's apartment so, in the dead of night, Conan led cameras to her door. "It's like an episode of 'COPS,'" he said, "only instead of arresting murderers I'm just hanging out with some women and seeing a movie." He proceeded to make fun of their celeb crushes (Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello), while pointing out that has has met those celebs. The conversation -- consider it foreplay before the film -- also included this question from Conan: "Raise your hand if you'd like if it you saw a penis. Be honest." The whole size discussion was hilarious. Then Conan, clearly feeling the need to showcase his own masculinity, did some shirtless "Magic Mike" moves. Strangely, no one made the "woo!" noise for that, they just laughed and hid their faces.

At the theater, all the women in line chanted "Magic Mike!" so Conan did a little dance for them. Just watch and enjoy. Whatever you do, don't miss the very end for a special cameo:

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