Director Bryan Singer is busy making "X-Men: Apocalypse," but he's also promoting the debut of the "Rogue Cut" of the previous movie, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," with more focus on Anna Paquin's Rogue and a ton of other special features. As Singer put it, "This is not just an extended edition of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past,' but alternate version of the film."

Check out his tweet with the video link:

Want more details on the "Rogue Cut"? Empire saw it and reported:

...we can confirm that it's 18 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and despite the Anna Paquin-centric title, surprisingly Rogue-light. "She gets rescued from the X-Mansion," says our man Nick De Semlyen, "but only has a few short lines of dialogue. It's actually Magneto and Mystique who get more to do. Ian McKellen is central to a big, VFX-heavy sequence involving stabby Sentinels, while Mystique pops into the X-Mansion and has a roll-around with Beast. It gets very blue."

There you go. It gets very blue. "X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut" will have its premiere at Comic-Con next week, timed with the July 14 Blu-ray/DVD release. Do you plan to check it out or will you skip it?

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