Valar viewthronis -- all men must watch "Game of Thrones"!

We already knew that the June 14 Season 5 finale set a new record with 8.11 million viewers, but HBO just updated with big picture details on its spring 2015 programming -- including numbers from HBO linear, DVD, HBO On Demand, and HBO GO/NOW -- and the results offer more good news for GoT's fifth season:

Viewing of GAME OF THRONES season 5 is set to surpass 20 million viewers (currently 19.8 million), eclipsing season 4's record breaking performance of 19.1 million viewers and cementing its status as HBO's most watched series ever."

Hodor! Imagine how many viewers they'll get if they kill off everyone else we like in Season 6.

"Game of Thrones" Season 5 was epic, overall, but also controversial -- at first for being too slow for some fans, then later for killing or torturing just about every likable character. But they have us hooked. There's no way we won't be there to find out what happens next in 2016's Season 6, and even if it pisses us off as much as Sansa Stark's entire Season 5 storyline we'll still be there to see more in Season 7. Seven hells, we're addicts, and there's no turning back until The End. (And even after The End we're still hoping for a full prequel series, following Rhaegar, Lyanna, Robert, etc. Maybe?)

As you probably know, the cast of "Game of Thrones" will be at Comic-Con this Friday, July 10, and also on "Conan," so hopefully they tease out some interesting Season 6 details -- beyond all the Jon Snow speculation.

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