UPDATE: Christmas is here! The big Season 6 trailer is now available for viewing, and the premiere date was confirmed as Sunday, October 11, 2015. Season 6, Episode 1 will be 90 minutes, bumped up from the usual 60 minutes. Woo hoo! Here's AMC confirming it all:

Not sure yet what that means for "Talking Dead," but it may just air at 10:30, like they did after the 90 minute Season 5 finale.

Original story:

The "Dead" will rise very soon! AMC's "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" will have back-to-back panels at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 10. The main show is going first, staging its Season 6 panel at 12 p.m. PDT (3 p.m. for East Coasters) in Hall H. That is traditionally when they debut the big first trailer with enticing (but often misleading) footage from the first five or six episodes. That may also be when we get confirmation on the official premiere date. There's no saying they will definitely do that this year, but don't be surprised if the trailer includes the premiere date at the end, and don't be surprised if it's something like Sunday, October 11. It's definitely a Sunday in October.

Speaking of needing a specific release date, the same goes for "The Walking Dead" spinoff that's not really a spinoff/prequel that's not really a prequel. "Fear" is playing Skipper to TWD's Barbie, holding its own panel from 1-2 p.m. PT in Hall H on July 10. Since this show is brand new, we can only guess that they too will share the official August premiere date and also provide a real trailer instead of the very brief premiere teasers that've aired so far.

Dave Erickson is the showrunner of FTWD, which just shared some exclusive new photos with Entertainment Weekly. In that story, Erickson emphasized that the L.A.-based story is about a "dysfunctional blended family" and the zombie apocalypse just happens to launch while they're in the middle of their other crap.

Here's how he put it:

One of the things that Robert [Kirkman] and I discussed from the very beginning was, we're starting a little earlier in the apocalypse. And what that allowed us to do in the pilot and season 1 is establish our core family, establish the problems and the conflicts that they have, and really let that be the initial world that we live in. And we layer in the onset of the apocalypse, we layer in our first walkers, but it's really an effort to exacerbate the problems that already exist with Kim Dickens' character and Cliff Curtis' character and their sort of dysfunctional blended family. It's really filtering the apocalypse through that."

Long story short, clear your afternoon next Friday, July 10, and get ready to watch potentially two major new "Dead" trailers. We're especially looking forward to dissecting the Season 6 trailer, which should showcase Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan Jones's (Lennie James) latest meeting, more conflict in Alexandria, and a showdown with The Wolves.

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