While David Ayer was mocking Marvel over at DC Comics' "Suicide Squad" Comic-Con panel, the Marvel team took some epic shots of their own at the 20th Century Fox talk.

Check out Chris Hardwick's photo with the great Stan Lee himself, backed by some familiar faces like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and more. As Chris noted: "Panel 10 - Hall H, @20thCenturyFoxPanel - I mean this HAS to be some kind of damn record. Most superheroes in one selfie? Casts of Wolverine, X-Men, Deadpool, Gambit, and Fantastic Four PLUS the Generalissimo!!!" You can quibble over whether this is really "selfie" or just a group photo but here's the shot:

Channing Tatum tweeted his own version of the group photo, sharing his excitement to join the team as Gambit:

And here's arguably the best shot, from 20th Century Fox:

How many superheroes can you fit on a stage? #FoxSDCC #XMenApocalypse#Deadpool #Gambit #FantasticFour #Wolverine

A photo posted by 20th Century Fox (@20thcenturyfoxpanel) on

So much awesome in one place. Sigh. FYI, io9 live-blogged the Fox panel if you want a play-by-play with screencaps, including lots of "X-Men Apocalypse" talk.

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