titanicSurvivalist Running Wild with Bear Grylls." Thankfully for fans of "Titanic," it happened to be a bit of dialogue from the Oscar-winning film -- and Winslet gamely played along.

In a clip promoting the pair's upcoming episode of "Running Wild," we see Winslet perched on the side of a cliff in the Snowdonia Mountains range in Wales, clutching a rope and staring down at Grylls, who's waiting at the bottom for the actress to descend. As Grylls urges Winslet to take her hands off of the wire, she lifts her arms and responds, "Jack! I feel like I'm flying!"

It's a slightly altered version of a line "Titanic" fans know well, from the iconic scene on the prow of the titular ship when Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, holds Winslet's character, Rose, as she stretches her arms wide.

As we see in the "Running Wild" clip, Grylls responds in kind, asking Winslet a question from that same scene: "Do you trust me?"

"You jump, I jump, right?" the actress replies (another "Titanic" quip), before demanding that Grylls gets her "down off this f--king thing." (Sadly, Rose never uttered that last line in the flick.)

Check out the fun exchange below. Winslet's episode of "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" is set to air tonight (July 27) on NBC.