There is a market for everything, and Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" taught us that some guys will pay big bucks for used prison panties. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) launched a thriving business in Season 3, but it's a dangerous game. We've seen characters (Nicky!) face serious consequences when breaking rules at Litchfield, so how could Piper's actions affect her in Season 4?

A fan asked Entertainment Weekly about Piper's undercover underwear biz and here's that Q&A:

Does Piper just not realize this panty business could mean more jail time on Orange Is the New Black? — Tara
It's definitely a conversation being had in the fourth season, according to Taylor Schilling. "She may only have three months left," the actress says. "It's a pretty wild thing that this character is risking a significantly extended sentence to play with this panty business." Despite turning on Stella last season, Schilling also believes Piper is not beyond redemption — though there may be a twist. "What if she's moving toward a place where she's finally, for the first time in her life saying, 'I'm going to bring it and I'm going to be who I am,' and she's been trapped by blonde hair and blue eyes for so much of her life? Maybe it is redemption to go too far." Ruh-roh."

Heck with Piper. She's been playing with fire, let her get burnt with more time. (That just means more episodes for us!) Poor Stella (Ruby Rose), though. In case you missed it, or want a refresher, here's Piper's epic panty speech from Season 3:

OITNB returns in 2016, probably with 13 episodes arriving in June, like the last three seasons, although we're on standby for an official Season 4 premiere date.

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