Kristen Stewart and Jesse EisenbergNot only is this the summer when love died, but it's been the summer of awkward interviews.

There was that one for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" that Robert Downey Jr. walked out of. And the one where local broadcast reports called "Paper Towns" star Cara Delevingne "Carla" and then insulted her. And then, this week, "Fantastic Four" actors Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara had to endure racist and sexists questions from obnoxious radio DJs.

Now, Funny or Die is getting in on the action with Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. In an interview to promote their new movie, "American Ultra," the two stars asked each other questions. Except their question cards got switched!

So, now, Eisenberg has to talk about fashion designers and relationship status, and display his fingers for the Mani-Cam, while Stewart addresses her workout routine and pranks on set. Eisenberg can't believe some of the stupid questions his co-star has to put up with.

"American Ultra" hits theaters Aug. 21.

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