If you're ever fortunate enough to have an audience with "Harry Potter" queen J.K. Rowling, keep an eye on her tea protocol. Is she, perhaps, a little careful around certain items? There could be a reason for that. HP fans know that Horcruxes are bad news -- objects in which dark wizards hide pieces of their souls. Horcruxes are so evil even the official magic texts refuse to explain how to make them. He Who Must Not Be Named had seven of them, after multiple murders. So you can imagine author Rowling was a bit taken aback at the idea of having her own Horcrux.

Still, a fan asked what she'd have as a Horcrux object and she answered:

That led to a series of follow-up questions on the stability of a teabag as a Horcrux (it might be better as a portkey) and other Potter world queries, like what were Fred and George's Patronuses.

Rowling does tweet quite frequently about tea, so it's no surprise she'd pick that as a (possible) Horcrux. In fact, her previous tweet teased an upcoming lesson on loose tea and the proper use of the strainer. That came after other tea-making tips, and the announcement that "Tea takes skill, not nerve. Tea is not to be made recklessly." Don't mess with her tea!

Have you ever thought about what you'd use as a Horcrux, if you even knew how to make one? It's kind of a dark topic, but since it's hypothetical ... maybe an old stuffed animal?

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