It came as a shock when director Cary Fukunaga left the "It" movie just weeks before the start of production. For once, the obvious answer -- that he stood too close to a sewer one day and Pennywise took him out -- is not what happened. The "True Detective" Season 1 director just talked to Entertainment Weekly about his (reluctant) departure from the two-part Stephen King adaptation.

"It's never easy," Cary told EW. "Chase [Palmer] and I had been working on that script for probably three years. There was a lot of our childhood and our experience in it." So why did he go? "Ultimately, we and New Line have to agree on the kind of movie we want to make, and we just wanted to make different movies," Cary said. "It's like a relationship: you can try to make the other person who you want them to be, but it's impossible really to change. You just have to work."

That still doesn't explain specifics, but since he's not with the project anymore, he probably wants to remain respectful and discreet (and not complain about money, schedules, etc.). It's never a good idea to burn bridges unless you have to! Andy Muschietti of "Mama" is said to be taking over as director, and EW said he's reportedly keeping the two-part format and hiring a new writer to rework the script. "It" was supposed to start shooting in late June, so they still need a new start date. Will they need a new Pennywise or does Will Poulter still have the gig? That is not clear either, but at least "It" is still happening.

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