Premiere Of Lionsgate's "American Ultra" - ArrivalsThey may not have worked out as a couple on the big screen, but Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are still the best of friends in real life.

The pair staged a mini "Twilight" reunion on Tuesday when Lautner joined Stewart for the premiere of her new flick, "American Ultra." And the former Bella Swan and Jacob Black had a great time catching up and hanging out, just like old times.

"I love Taylor. He's one of my boys," Stewart said in an interview with E! News. " ... He's like one of my best friends. So I just thought, 'Come see the movie and hang out.'"

The costars looked at home with each other on the red carpet, posing for photos and smiling together. The event no doubt brought back some memories of all those other premieres they attended together as part of the global "Twilight" press tour, which finally ended for good after the release of "Break Dawn Part 2" back in November 2012.

Check out some more of the sweet photos from Tuesday's event below.
Premiere Of Lionsgate's "American Ultra" - ArrivalsPremiere Of Lionsgate's "American Ultra" - Arrivals
[via: E! News]

Photo credit: Getty Images