Kristen Wiig is a national -- no, global -- comedy treasure.

For seven seasons (2005-2012), she perfected impressions (Bjork! Paula Deen!) and created some of TV's most unforgettable characters (Target lady! Penelope! Dooneese!) on "Saturday Night Live." Then, she co-masterminded -- what? it's a word -- behind the most successful female-led comedy ever made, "Bridesmaids." This, in turn, earned her a spot as a prof-turned-proton packer in the Paul Feig-directed "Ghostbusters" reboot (due out in 2016), in which she re-teams with Melissa McCarthy, and joins forces with current SNL stars Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The road to Wiig's wild success is paved with hundreds (if not thousands) of perfectly hilarious moments, some of which we've captured right here.

Here, then, are 17 times Kristen Wiig was the funniest woman alive.kristen wiig quotes