norman reedus, michael rooker, daryl dixon, merle dixon, the walking deadIt's just a dream for now, but "Walking Dead" fans with an affinity for Daryl Dixon should know that the actor who plays him is totally on-board for a spinoff about the character -- provided one is ever made.

Norman Reedus gave Daryl devotees something new to obsess over last week when he responded to a fan query on Twitter about a possible "TWD" prequel series focusing on Reedus's Daryl, and his scoundrel brother, Merle (Michael Rooker). We have to remind you, again, that this is totally made up and not at all currently in the works -- especially since "The Walking Dead" is still one of the most popular shows on television, and has already spawned a similarly-successful spinoff -- but it's kind of fun to speculate anyway.

And Reedus, no doubt feeling the same way, acknowledged the potential of the idea, and gave it a hearty thumbs-up for good measure.

"[T]hat sounds super fun," Reedus tweeted about the idea.

We agree, Norman. We agree.

Now if only Rooker wasn't so busy appearing as another big bully in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise. We're going to pretend that that's the only obstacle in this genius idea's way, and not the fact that "The Walking Dead" is going to be on the air for the next zillion seasons, so Reedus has no chance of starring in anything else.

"The Walking Dead" returns for season six on October 11.

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Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC