We know Harry Potter as "The Boy Who Lived" but he could just as easily have been "The Boy Who Kills," as shown in a dark, clever new fan video.

Editing can make or break your reputation, as any reality TV star could tell you. Youtuber BloodBlitz Comedy re-edited movie footage, mostly from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," to present Harry Potter as a troubled, young sociopath who kills anyone in his path. The argument would be even stronger with footage from other movies, but the point comes across: Harry Potter was a bad, bad boy, and poor Malfoy was just one victim of his cruelty.

As one fan commented on the video, "This is like a Rita Skeeter article." Truth! Or lack of truth through out-of-context spinning. It's pretty good, though, even if we know Harry is really the hero. (And Weasley will always be our king.)

Check it out:

The Youtuber who made this is working on a "Game of Thrones" video next, but -- with these truth manipulation skills -- he/she could probably make big bucks on a political campaign ... or as an editor for "The Bachelor."

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