DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT UPDATE:Bad night for TheGoblins alliance. Meg Maley was evicted firstin the "Big Brother 17" Week 10 double eviction on September 3. James Huling followed her right out the door within about 20 minutes.

James was the only one to vote to evict Julia, in the initial eviction. Liz, Austin, Steve, and Johnny all voted to evict Grandma. James and Meg are likable but they spent most of their time with each other instead of talking game with others. Steve had better reasons NOT to flip and save Meg (Meg and James would always put him at the bottom after that Jackie eviction, they wanted revenge). Meanwhile, Julia does trust Steve, maybe even more than Austin. And there was no reason for Johnny to flip without Steve. So ... give them a break?

In terms of the double eviction, Liz won HOH. It came down to Liz vs. Julia, and Liz took the win. She put up James vs. Johnny, which is not a surprise. Julia won POV, which *was* a surprise, but it was kind of a skee-ball-ish game that James, Johnny and Steve couldn't master. They all had scores of zero. Austin and Liz tied for second, so even if Julia had been evicted earlier in the night, as many fans wanted, either Liz or Austin still would've won the POV. Ultimately, James had a unanimous eviction. Now what, though, since the remaining HGs appear to be pretty close?

Original story:

For the past two weeks on "Big Brother 17," James Huling and Meg Maley have been able to sit back with popcorn and watch the rest of the house fight. But now it's Week 10 and one of them is in danger of going home/to jury, courtesy of the brilliant Mad Hatter, Vanessa Rousso.

Vanessa just won her third Head of Household competition and has two sets of alliances on her side: Steve Moses and returnee Johnny Mac McGuire, plus Austin Matelson and twins Julia and Liz Nolan. Everyone wanted Vanessa out as early as last week but now she is doing what she does best: backing people into corners to make deals and winning people over to her side. You don't have to like Vanessa -- she makes it tough sometimes with all the tears and hypocrisy -- but all BB fans should tip their hats (or beanies) to her skill.

James, a comp beast with an impeccable social game and friendships with everyone in the house and on the jury, was Vanessa's target this week. But on Saturday, August 29, James won the Power of Veto.

We'll see that POV win on TV Wednesday night. That left Vanessa scrambling for a replacement nominee, and scrambling is something Vanessa also does well. Every HOH with her is a dizzyland swirl.

Vanessa debated the replacement all weekend, appearing to entertain the notion of putting up her secret ally Johnny Mac -- which is what Austwins and Meg wanted -- while pushing on her own to put up Julia as a pawn. Julia vs. Meg (the weakest nominees ever) would ensure Meg went home. On Monday, it was official: James took himself down off the block and Vanessa put Julia up. Either Julia or Meg will be the first to be evicted on Thursday.
Vanessa wants to break up the strong duo of James and Meg. Meg can't win a comp to save her life, but James can, and James is not someone to be won over easily. Then again, Meg's pitch to Vanessa promised that, in a future HOH, Meg would go on the block instead of Vanessa. She promised safety from herself and James. But could Vanessa even trust that, since James already set a precedent of going back on his own word after promising safety to Shelli? That was a brilliant move on his part, and Vanessa would probably agree, but out of everyone in the house, James is potentially the most dangerous to keep around. He's not afraid to target people and he can actually win comps.

James and Meg want to try and get Austin to flip his vote and evict Julia, then blame it on Steve. (As if Steve would keep Meg over Julia.) They want revenge against Steve for targeting Jackie in the last double eviction, and they're going to try to convince Austin that it's better for Julia to go or Austin will end up sitting next to her on the block and he's the one who'll leave. You may recall how Austin voted to evict John that one time and blamed it on Steve, so it's not like Austin is a stranger to that move. Will he go for it? Nah. Not out of loyalty to Steve -- he has none -- but out of fear/knowledge that Liz would eventually find out that he betrayed her twin and he'd lose a chance with her in the real world. (Pause to vomit in your preferred receptacle.)

As of now, Meg is almost definitely going home on Thursday, September 3 in the first part of the double eviction. It's more than 93 percent. Funny how that's just what Johnny Mac wanted, as he told Julie Chen in his post-eviction interview. Who will go second? Vanessa got deals from just about everyone in the house, so it's possible she will be safe from any HOH except James, if Meg leaves. It would be beautiful to see someone target Austin and the twins, though, but if Julia magically wins a comp maybe she would put up Vanessa. Tit for tat.

What do you want to see happen?

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