#Jody now has $1 million!

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf just met last summer on "Big Brother 19." They became the Jody supercouple that alienated most of the other houseguests. Neither won the $500,000. But both Cody and Jess went straight from BB19 to "The Amazing Race" Season 30, and now they have $500K each. It's been quite a year!

TAR30 ended last night in a very tight race for the final three couples -- Team Extreme Kristi & Jen, Team Yale Henry & Evan, and Team Big Brother Cody & Jessica.

It came down, surprisingly enough, to Jessica's plane-building skills. She had sat out as many challenges as possible to let cyborg-mode Marine Cody spring into action. But on her 10th attempt, Jessica managed to finish the final task ahead of both Jen and Henry (who HAD it, but never realized) and she and Cody won the $1 million prize.

This season was taped a while ago, so Jess and Cody obviously knew they already had won "The Amazing Race" when they got engaged. He proposed to her on February 13, a week before the finale aired, and now it's clear they are going to use that million to start their lives together. Cody has a daughter from a previous relationship, and he and Jess have said they want to have more kids together "sooner rather than later." They are planning a fall wedding.

What do you think? Will Cody do "Survivor" next, or should #Jody stay off TV for a while and just focus on their family?

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