No fairy tale is complete without romance, and one main character on "Once Upon a Time" Season 5 is about to have his very first crush. Ah, young love!

It's tough to picture our little Henry as old enough for hearts and flowers, but actor Jared S. Gilmore is now 15, and his character is as human as the next magical person traveling through worlds on this show.

A fan asked Entertainment Weekly if any new faces would be coming to OUAT; here's the Henry-focused response:

Yes, and the newbie has a connection to Henry. "We're going to meet Henry's very first crush," says EP Edward Kitsis. Since Kitsis also notes that Camelot is a place of love, I'm guessing his crush will hail from there, but TPTB are keeping tight-lipped. "It's a character that we're going to meet and we want it to be a surprise," adds EP Adam Horowitz. "It's fun to give Henry something new to play and deal with, and to really explore Henry as a boy who's growing up and all the joy and pain of adolescence."

Random wild guesses for the crush: Merida (Amy Manson) or Guinevere (Joana Metrass). Guinevere is married to King Arthur (Liam Garrigan), and already in a love triangle with Lancelot (Sinqua Walls), but they said "crush" not dating, so maybe he just adores her beauty from afar or whatever. But Merida seems like a worthy crush target from Henry. He's a smart kid (young man!) and would probably appreciate her skills in addition to her looks.

Whoever ends up the object of Henry's affections, we know love will be a tricky business for his mom, Emma (Jennifer Morrison), aka Dark Swan. Kitsis previously told EW, that becoming the Dark One "allows you to have the freedom to have no inhibitions." He added, "We are going to be exploring love and what happens when you use it as a weapon and what are the things that it makes you do. In the past, we've said love is the most powerful magic of all. It makes you do many things you normally wouldn't think you would."

Love is a battlefield, and we're not expecting every heart to survive. Good luck to everyone out there! "Once Upon a Time" Season 5 premieres Sunday, September 27 on ABC.

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