It's getting dark in Alexandria! "The Walking Dead" Season 6 is shuffling our way in just over a month, with a supersized 90-minute premiere on Sunday, October 11. To build even more anticipation, AMC just shared two new images. One is "key art" for Season 6, aka a poster showing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) inside the W of TWD (careful of those other "W" people, Rick). As you can see, his face is still bandaged from his fight with Pete in Season 5.

Check it out: also released the first character portrait from Season 6, showing old Atlanta buddies Rick and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Alexandria. It's not the happiest of reunions, as you can tell from the image above. (Here's the full version.) The tension is palpable, and not of the bromantic kind. Are they tempted to reach for their respective weapons, High Noon style, in Alexandria's cemetery? Hopefully not. But we know there will be some ideology clashes ahead for Morgan, who now has an "all life is precious" mantra, and Rick, who is has entered "kill or be killed" mode.

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