To celebrate NFL season, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show." Let's just say none of them have future careers in sports.

Remember when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake danced at the U.S. Open and it went viral? Apparently, Andy Samberg was majorly unimpressed by their moves. Psh, whatever, Andy Samberg –– if that's even your real name. (Note: it is)

Jimmy Kimmel Live," and after Kimmel announced that the audience is "so horny for you," he peppered Depp with questions about why Amber Heard didn't take his last name.

Welcome to "Law & Water" (not to be confused with "Law & Order"), in which Jimmy went on patrol with L.A.'s water police and yelled at people. What would we do without him?

Not to end things on a sad note, but Vice President Joe Biden swung by "The Late Show" and spoke about the tragic death of his son. While emotional, his thoughts are definitely worth watching.