2015 Toronto International Film Festival - Jason Reitman's Live Read - Photo CallAfter months of speculation, Rachel McAdams has finally made her involvement in Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange" flick official.

While appearing at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, McAdams confirmed to TheWrap that she will indeed be starring in the flick. The site did not offer any additional details about McAdams's role, though judging by Marvel's penchant for secrecy in the past, it's hardly surprising that McAdams wouldn't reveal too much about her character just yet.

Still, her involvement in "Strange" had been rumored since early July, and the actress herself spilled the beans about her negotiations for the flick in an interview later that month. While we were hoping for a bit more intel from the chatty star at this point, it's still at least nice to know that she has officially joined the Marvel family.

Screen Rant has some speculation about who she might play, and it boils down to two key love interests. The site breaks down the two characters as follows:

Clea, daughter of Prince Orini and mistress of the Dark Dimension, who becomes the pupil (and lover) of Strange after he takes on the title of Sorcerer Supreme. The character was introduced into Doctor Strange comic book mythology in 1964 and has been a key part of its mythos ever since. It's also worth noting that Clea is also the niece of Dormammu, the demonic tyrant and natural enemy to Strange; Dormammu, in turn, is speculated to be the villainous character role that Hannibal) is being courted for in Derrickson's movie.

Morgana Blessing, who in Doctor Strange comic book mythology (where she debuted in 1981) has varied from being a friend and foe to Strange, over the years. A longtime lover for Stephen Strange, the character also has connections to Baron Mordo (reportedly, the character Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing in Derrickson's film), which have fueled rumors that she will be portrayed by McAdams in the MCU.

We'll have to wait for official word from Marvel before we know for sure, but we're excited to see her go toe-to-toe with titular star Benedict Cumberbatch.

"Doctor Strange" is due in theaters on November 4, 2016.

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