the splat, nickelodeon, nicktoonsUPDATE: It looks like celebration over an all-'90s Nicktoons channel were a little premature (see our original story, below). It turns out that Nickelodeon is indeed launching The Splat, which focuses on its classic cartoons -- it's just not an entire new channel.

Instead, according to Variety -- and confirmed by The A.V. Club -- The Splat is a programming block, similar to the network's previous The '90s Are All That lineup over on TeenNick. Though there's still no official announcement from Nickelodeon, reps for the network did confirm the nature of The Splat's launch, which Variety says is set for sometime this October.

There's also still no word as to why "Doug" was missing from the first promo (perhaps because "Doug" was also once featured on ABC's One Saturday Morning lineup, and its rights are in limbo?). But that's a question for another day; for now, we'll celebrate the return of the rest of our '90s faves, even in this smaller capacity.


It's every '90s kid's dream to relive their neon-infused childhoods, and now, Nickelodeon is giving nostalgic millennials the chance to do just that through a new channel, The Splat.

The channel was unveiled this past weekend at the most appropriate of places, the first-ever (and hopefully annual) 90s Fest in Brooklyn, which featured a music lineup of the likes of Lisa Loeb, Coolio, and Smash Mouth, and -- in a Nickelodeon-sponsored segment -- slimed celebrities like Pauly Shore and Salt-N-Pepa. But the biggest news was Splat, which was teased throughout the festivities, and made a soft debut online, with a YouTube channel and other socialmedialinks promising, #TheSplatIsComing.

Though so far there's been no official announcement from Nickelodeon (or its parent company, Viacom), the channel appears to be set to feature just about every show from the much-missed 1990s Nicktoons lineup. In a promo video, The Splat loops classic Nickelodeon jingles over clips from beloved series including "Rugrats," "Rocko's Modern Life," "CatDog," "Hey Arnold!," "Ren & Stimpy," "The Angry Beavers," and "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters," among others. ("Doug" is suspiciously absent from the segment, though we're hoping that's just a minor oversight. At least Stick Stickly makes an appearance.)

It all seems pretty legit, and if so, we're really, really excited. Netflix is sooooo 2000s; give us the remote and an entire Saturday afternoon, and we'll gladly park ourselves on the couch to watch The Splat for hours on end. (And this time, we're old enough that our parents won't nag us to do our chores instead.)

[via: MTV]

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