Monique Lhuillier - Front Row - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLongtime fans of ABC series "Once Upon a Time" may get to see a fairy tale ending for one returning character after all: actress Jamie Chung is set to reprise her role as Mulan on the show's upcoming fifth season.

E! News reports that Chung will be back for "a multi-episode run" sometime this fall, though the dates and details of her appearance are still under wraps for now. But viewers will remember that Mulan skipping town back in season three after learning that the object of her affection, Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), was pregnant with Prince Philip's (Julian Morris) child.

So does Chung's return mean that Mulan and Aurora are getting back together? No one is saying just yet, though E! reports that the possibility is likely. The site says:

While the details surrounding Mulan's return are being guarded more carefully than Rumplestiltskin's dagger, a reunion with Aurora is a possibility, now that the princess has made Storybrooke her home. And that reunion is something Chung has been looking forward to since her last appearance on the show, once telling E! News, "Are you kidding me? I think it would be really disappointing to leave the audience with this giant question mark. I would go back in a heartbeat."

'Shippers will find out the couple's status soon enough. "Once Upon a Time" returns on September 27 on ABC.

[via: E! News]

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