"Furious 7" is a popular recent blockbuster, but that doesn't mean it's immune to a brutal Honest Trailers takedown. Screen Junkies did the franchise proud with its latest 5-minute video, mocking the movies' dumb titles, dumb numerical order, dumb plots, and "mumble-growl" of Vin Diesel, who plays a character "so Italian, he wore a tank top to his own wedding." Not mocked? The late Paul Walker. Smart move.

But here's a sample of what they did go after:

"You've seen it with the The's, you've seen it without the The's, with just the 'Fast,' and with 2'swhere the The's should be. Now prepare for the latest mix of f-words and numbers in 'Furious 7.'" What began as "Point Break with cars" has been rebooted, spun off, and stretched out with multiple promises of "one last ride" -- including the one that's still to come in "Furious 8."

And yet, in a twist on its usual MO, Screen Junkies took a brief break from its "Car Wars: Episode VII" snark to offer a classy kudos to the film on how they honored Paul Walker. They led into it with a head-shake that the movie was so "dumb"...

"... [it] had you really worried about how they'd handle the death of Paul Walker, yet, against all odds, made a tasteful, heartfelt and emotionally powerful goodbye. Wow. I honestly never expected a Fast and Furious movie to make me cry. That was really well done."

Awww. In the end credits, when they list all the cast members, they make punny jokes about everyone, except Paul Walker. There's clearly enough material to mock without needing to drag him into it. Check it out:

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