It's time to check in on the real fantastic four of "The Incredibles." Disney/Pixar and director Brad Bird are working on the sequel and Bird recently shared some updates with Collider.

"I have the story arc," he told the site. "I'm probably three-quarters through the script, first pass through the script, but we're already boarding parts of it. I've got a lot of people that worked on the first one working on it, so we're all having a good time with it." When is the movie coming out? Disney first gave the official word that "The Incredibles 2" and "Cars 3" were in development in March 2014, and it sounds like we're still far away from an official release date. Bird told Collider release dates are "a little fluid when you're making films so far in advance." He said he's just working as fast as he can with a relatively small team, because he prefers to work with smaller groups until everything is figured out.

Bird didn't share any specific "The Incredibles 2" plot details, but he did note that there are many more superhero movies on the scene now than there were back in 2004 when the first movie came out. "What you don't want to do is trot over the same turf in the same way everyone else is," he said. "So we're trying to keep it focused in the area that our film was, which was a little bit more about characters and relationships and stuff like that, and see where that takes us. But we're having a good time."

Sounds good so far. And if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it with what everyone else is already doing. Here's more from Bird's talk with Collider. Are you excited to see how this one turns out?

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