Holy tone change, Batman. Without ever mentioning the words "Derek" or "McDreamy," ABC's official trailer for "Grey's Anatomy" Season 12 seems very tied to his memory -- as in, please forget that he just died and it was devastating because now we're ready to have some FUN! The mood of the brief (why just 20 seconds?) trailer is very upbeat, so upbeat you might think they were teasing a sitcom.

Yeah, we see Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) sitting in bed, thinking deep thoughts about how "everything has changed," but we also see high fives in the hospital, goofy shenanigans with Meredith's new roommates, and a slapstick-like punch to the face. The music is lively and the overall feel is positive and happy.

It's a nice change of pace -- for the characters and the audience -- to go from such a dark ending in Season 11 to lighthearted fun, but it's almost a shock to the system to see something so bright. It's going to take our eyes a minute to adjust to the light, but we'll get there, and hopefully this is the start of a refreshing reboot as opposed to a WTF are you doing to us now, Shonda?

Here's the trailer:

Here are more details on the Season 12 premiere, which airs this coming Thursday, September 24.

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