lady gaga, american horror story, AHS: hotel, hotel, american horror story: hotelIn case you haven't heard, American Horror Story," and FX is going all-in on its promo of the program with Gaga at the center.

The latest teaser for the show's fifth season, "Hotel," features nothing but the singer, stalking the halls of the Hotel Cortez in a variety of fabulous costumes that would look at home in one of her music videos. And while creator Ryan Murphy has been insistent that Gaga won't be singing this season, this clip certainly has all the theatricality we'd expect from Mother Monster, with a booming soundtrack (thanks to the rockin' Rammstein's "Du Hast"), flashing lights, dramatic sashaying, and -- wait, seriously, what's up with those creepy kids?!

Yes, the terrifying little tykes who ran around in the last teaser are back again, this time seemingly doing Gaga's bidding. At first, the Countess reads them a story in a cozy little circle; suddenly, we're flashing down a few levels to a darkly-lit indoor pool, where a scantily-clad Gaga has them all on (glowing?) leashes. Nothing weird about that.

It's all a bit head-scratching -- and pretty fabulous, too, if we're being honest. "American Horror Story" isn't exactly known for its subtlety; if it wants to portray Gaga as the whip-cracking leader of a group of possessed children, who are we to judge? She seems pretty suited to the part.

Check out the madness for yourself below. "American Horror Story: Hotel" debuts on FX on October 7.

Photo credit: YouTube