Nobody puts Daryl Dixon in the corner! Except maybe "Grey's Anatomy" ... and "Supernatural." Sorry, dude.

Twitter just revealed the latest stats on what fans are tweeting about when it comes to the Fall 2015 TV season. They noted that 90 percent of the fall premiere conversations out there are about returning shows, rather than new shows. They also revealed that the 21 million tweets (so far) about fall premieres is a 34 percent jump from the amount this time last year.

Speaking of last year, "The Walking Dead" was the 2014 champ, but it was dethroned in 2015, thanks possibly to another dead character: Derek Shepherd.

"Grey's" topped the 2015 list, even though it was sixth last year, followed by "Supernatural," which remains the No. 2 bridesmaid it was last year as well. But "The Walking Dead" was pushed down to No. 3, which maybe isn't that big a surprise since last year there were major questions like "How will they get out of Terminus?" and "Where's Beth?" and this season there are still questions but not as many pressing cliffhangers.

In terms of new shows, "American Horror Story: Hotel" topped the list, followed by "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," "Scream Queens," "Heroes Reborn" and "Supergirl." Check out Twitter's cool infographic below, with all the numbers:

Any big surprises on the list, from your perspective?

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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