J.Mendel Spring 2012 Fashion ShowIt's been the biggest story surrounding the announcement of "Fuller House," other than the fact that "Full House" would be revived in the first place: Will the Olsen twins be back? The answer, so far, has been a definitive "no," but that hasn't stopped one of their former costars from leaving the door open.

In an interview with "Today,"John Stamos chatted with host Matt Lauer about the possibility, with Lauer asking, "Might they pull off one of the great surprises and make an appearance?"

"They're fully welcome. Any time," Stamos replied. "I love them. There was a lot of, I think, miscommunication in the press and stuff. I mean, I talked to them, I understood why they didn't want to come back. I mean, they just have big lives. They haven't acted in a while. But I love them dearly and they're always welcome on our show."

That's a bit of an about-face for the actor, who earlier this summer called BS on Mary-Kate and Ashley for claiming to not know about the series. But like his fellow costar Bob Saget, it seems that now there truly are no hard feelings, and it's nice to know that everyone would welcome the twosome should they decide change their minds.

It probably won't happen, but fans can dream, right? And as Lauer joked, they'd only need one twin to appear, anyway.

"Fuller House" is set to hit Netflix sometime next year.

[via: Today, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images