Most of us wish we could've gone to Hogwarts, but we're not all magically qualified. What about Matilda Wormwood? You may recall the 1996 movie "Matilda" starring Mara Wilson as a young genius with mean parents, a bully for a principal, and -- oh yeah -- telekinesis! Everything about her story seems fit for the world of "Harry Potter." What if she got an invitation to Hogwarts? How would that play out?

Actress Mara Wilson acknowledged that she was not the one to come up with the Matilda-at-Hogwarts idea, but she weighed in on the subject in a series of tweets with fans. Here's what she's written in the past day:

So she thinks Matlilda would be too old to hang out with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, but she'd see herself in them and their adventures. Then again, Mara retweeted a fan's argument that Matilda would actually be younger than the "clique":

Maybe Matilda would look up to the Potter group and wish she could join them. She might be the female Colin Creevey ... or maybe she'd have a crush on Harry and give Ginny Weasley some competition.

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