The time has come to boldly go to our nation's capital, a terrifying place full of fedora-clad randoms on the FBI's most wanted list –– by which we mean Raymond Reddington. Last season on "The Blacklist," Raymond was joined on the FBI's most wanted list by his BFF Elizabeth "Liz" Keen, who's the prime suspect in the murder of a U.S. senator –– not to mention a bunch of other creeps. This means that Red and Elizabeth are on the "lam" together, so let the hijinx begin.

Oh, and if you're wondering where Elizabeth's estranged husband Tom is, he's presumably wandering the world to find someone to remove his S.S. tattoo. At least we assume as much.

Red Gets a Promotion, Needs a Therapist

So, Ressler is the new Task Force director, which is really awkward considering that he's supposed to track down Liz using "Reddit threads" (uhm, look at your life, look at your choices, FBI). Also awkward because he's most definitely in love with Liz and clearly can't handle the complexity of having more than one emotion at once. Poor Ressler spends most of this episode running around Washington DC and completely failing at his job –– but on the plus side he lets Harold Cooper go home, so at least he has some moral compass.

Liz Goes Blonde, Looks Amazing, Remains Wanted Criminal

Over in Fugitive Central, everyone's favorite dynamic duo are on the run and getting thwarted by Ressler at every turn. Finally –– after one exceptionally quick and insanely professional-seeming dye job –– Liz and Red team up with The Troll Farmer, an internet expert who has the power to create viral stories. This nerd creates a false trail to fool the FBI, but whoops, Ressler is secretly a genius and totally knows what they're up to. In fact, he shuts down the entire city so Liz and Red can't leave, which only gives Liz one option: to assume her identity as a Russian Spy.

Liz Gives Hits Up the Russian Embassy, Ressler Remains Terrible at Job

Despite being within Liz's reach as she runs to the Russian Embassy for protection, Ressler completely fails to capture his target (read: his girl crush) and she makes it over the fence, promptly declaring herself a Russian spy in need of protection. Looks like there's nothing the U.S. government can do! You know, until next week's episode....

Oh, and before we wrap things up it should be noted that Dembe experienced major drama this week. He gets a visit from a nefarious gentleman who uses his baby granddaughter as bait to catch him, and while said gentleman's motives are unclear, we smell trouble. Especially since this guy seems to be working for the organization that controls The Director. No good can come of this, people.

And now, some unanswered questions.....

1. Is Liz's mother dead or alive? It doesn't seem like Red knows what happened to her, and we're dying to know.

2. What will Dembe's fate be? He was last seen inhaling what appeared to be chloroform, which can't be good for his lungs.

3. Will Liz be able to convince the Russians that she's actually one of their spies?