Never mind Hurricane Joaquin. The real hot mess headed our way this weekend is Lifetime' s "Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story," which premieres Saturday night. Expect Twitter to be brutal. But we already love it, especially after watching the exclusive clip TVLine shared.

Watch it here.

We see "Shannen Doherty" (Samantha Munro) living up to her diva reputation, demanding that she wear a certain red dress for a photo shoot. (How "Heathers" of her.) Meanwhile, Jennie Garth (Abbie Cobb) argues that it's her turn to wear red.

The clip starts with Shannen saying it's not up for debate. She's wearing the dress. Tori Spelling (Abby Ross) asks why Shannen gets to be the one to wear it. "Because I'm No. 1 on the call sheet," Shannen replies. "What's so hard to understand here? If either one of you is No. 1 on the call sheet, you get to wear the red dress." Jennie keeps pushing for it, saying she doesn't want to wear black again. "You wore red last year, Shannen." Shannen shoots back, "Exactly. And we were a hit!" Tori tries to drop the mic by saying she's showing up to the shoot in a red dress anyway. Shannen vows that NO ONE is showing up in the same color as her.

No idea how much of this is really true to life and how much is pure fiction. Either way, it's gold. And now we want to find a red dress to wear as we watch the drama play out.

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