The best part of Lifetime's "Unauthorized" TV show takedowns is the reaction of the real cast members. Over the weekend, the network took on "Beverly Hills 90210" and the actors weren't too impressed. However, they had different ways of "honoring" the big event. Tori Spelling used the attention to promote "Celebrity Lie Detector," and said she had a fling with Jason Priestley, who responded online. Shannen Doherty, not surprisingly, had a terse reaction to how she was portrayed. Jason dissed the Lifetime show and Tori's "Lie Detector," but supported Shannen.

Ian Ziering had the most fun, tweeting about inaccuracies during the special, sharing old photos, and ending with the perfect assessment of the whole thing:

..#unauthorized90210 Your mother and I are very disappointed. No Mondale for a week

A photo posted by Ian Ziering (@ianziering) on

In case you don't know, that's Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, and Mondale was Brandon's beloved first car. Here are more great tweets from Ian, who kept a good sense of humor about the whole thing (which is fitting, since he's also in the cheese-fest of "Sharknado"):

Shannen, who wasn't given the kindest of treatments, used some salty words to share her displeasure:

Jason admitted to getting a bit nostalgic and started answering some fan Qs about the show, and other things. He also retweeted and responded to people who bashed the Unauthorized story, so it's not like he was a fan. And he also weighed in on Tori Spelling's whole lie detector thing, which was happening around the same time. They slept together? #goodgossip:

These Lifetime stories may be kind of ridiculous, but they prompt the real stars to share real feelings about what actually happened .... so it's all worth it?

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