You know, it really hasn't been Rick Grimes' day, his week, his month, or even his year. But Daryl Dixon and his friends from "The Walking Dead" will be there for him, as shown in this creative mashup with the AMC show getting the "Friends" theme song over its credits:

So no one told you the zombie apocalypse was gonna be this way... [clap clap clap clap bleeeccchhh]

"The Walking Dead" has had some genuinely funny moments over the years, but Carol shooting Lizzie, Hershel getting his neck chopped off, and Noah enduring the revolving door of death are not among them. But it's still funny to see them here, proving how editing can completely change the tone of any scene. Plus, it is kinda funny to hear the "Your love life's DOA" line as perpetually single Daryl pulls up in his motorcycle.

So now they -- The Woodcreek Faction, who made this video -- should reverse the process and give "Friends" the creepy "Walking Dead" intro. They should also use that to answer the burning question of which "Friends" character would die first in the zombie apocalypse. Joey?

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