Seen Around Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows - Day 4Actress Gabrielle Union has shared some of her struggles with fertility in an effort to shed light on an issue that affects so many -- and has a message of hope for women in similar situations.

In an interview with Today, Union discussed her inability, so far, to have a baby with her husband, NBA star Dwayne Wade, who she married in August 2014. Despite trying to have children of her own for over a year (Union is step-mother to Wade's three children), the actress said that she wants other women to know that there is still reason for optimism, no matter how difficult things may seem.

"If you happen to have issues with fertility as you've gotten older and you happen to have a career, all is not lost," Union told Today. "There is so much hope, there are so many options, and you're not alone."

Union had said in an interview with Redbook last month that she and several of her friends have dealt with fertility issues, and that there is an unfair stigma of shame attached to that, especially when women focus on their careers instead of starting a family at a younger age.

"I think TV shows and films kind of make [out that] the frigid, single-focused career woman, that her career is the root of all problems in her life. That's just not the case," Union told Today. " ... Fertility is an issue, period. Having a career is not the price you pay for any ill."

For more of Union's inspiring words, check out her entire interview over at Today.

[via: Today]

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